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Avid Microchip Readers

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  • Avid Microchip Readers use a radio signal to read a microchip
  • The Mini Tracker reads American Avid chips
  • The Mini Tracker Multi-Scan reads any brand of 125 kHz chip, including 125 kHz Avid and 125 kHz HomeAgain
  • Convenient and portable
  • Beeps to alert you that a microchip is found
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Using a radio signal, Avid scanners are able to read a microchip number through the animal's skin, displaying the number on the screen. The Mini Tracker is convenient and portable. It is even small enough to carry in your pocket! The Mini Tracker is able to read and display AVID microchips. Measures 2.4"W x 6.9"L x .86"H. Operating frequency is 125 kHz. The Mini Tracker Multi-Scan detects and reads any brand of 125 kHz chip, including 125 kHz Avid, HomeAgain, Pro ID and Buddy ID chips. Measures 2 ⅜"W x 7"L x 1"H. Both scanners will beep two tones to signal an ID code has been read. When not in use, they will beep four tones every three minutes to warn the user that the unit is still on.
Both scanners use a 9-volt alkaline battery. Both scanners have an operating frequency of 125 kHz.
MiniTracker I User Manual:
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