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Avid DNA Microchips

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  • Reusable injection pistol for use with the DNA Microchips.
  • High impact plastic.
  • Double plungers that prevent fluids from contaminating the injector pistol.


  • DNA (Disposable Needle Assembly) chips are preloaded in a needle - simply twist the needle onto the implanter and squeeze the trigger to implant the chip. Implanter is sold separately.

  • InstructionsSpecifications
    Weight: 0.06g
    Bits: 96
    Temperature: -40 to 80C
    Size: 12mm x 2.1mm
    Coding Options: AVID or Fecava
    Unique Numbers: 700 Trillion with AVID code
    Frequency: 125 kHz
    EMC: Not affected by x-rays or MRI
    Passive Power: No batteries, reader activated
    Read Speed: 39 milliseconds
    Read Distance: Depends on reader 5-20 cms
    Life Expectancy: 1,000,000 (+) read activations
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