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Avid DNA Microchips

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  • Avid DNA™ Microchips provide rapid, error-free animal identification
  • Chip is preloaded in a needle
  • Ensures sterility of the microchip
  • The Implanter provides a quick, sterile injection of the microchip
  • Made of a high impact plastic
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The Avid DNA™ Microchips are a sterile Disposable Needle Assembly™ for rapid, error-free animal identification. The sterile chip is preloaded in a needle and held in position at the bevel of the needle. Simply twist the needle onto the implanter and squeeze the trigger to implant the chip. The luer lock docks the stainless steel needle securely on the injector pistol. A secondary pushrod ensures sterility of the injected transponder. Each chip comes with an "I am Lost" collar tag with chip number, PETtrac™ registration form, and record keeping form. The implanter is a reusable injection pistol for use with the DNA microchips. Provides a quick, sterile injection of the microchip. This delivery system features a double plunger that prevents fluids from contaminating the injector pistol. Made of a high impact plastic, it is designed for multiple use. Implanter is sold separately.
DNA microchips:
Weight: 0.06 g
Bits: 96
Temperature: -40 to 80°C
Size: 12 mm x 2.1 mm
Coding Options: AVID or FECAVA
Unique Numbers: 700 Trillion with AVID code
Frequency: 125 kHz
EMC: Not affected by x-rays or MRI
Passive Power: No batteries, reader activated
Read Speed: 39 milliseconds
Read Distance: Depends on reader; 3 to 8 inches
Life Expectancy: 1,000,000 (+) read activations
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