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Andis Universal Chrome Magnet Comb Set

Andis Chrome Combs Universal Comb Set

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  • Andis® Chrome Combs Universal Comb Set secures combs to clipper blades using magnetic force
  • Easy to attach, no difficult springs
  • Fits all #10 clipper blades including UltraEdge® and CeramicEdge®
  • Smooth chrome finish feeds hair through comb effortlessly
  • Eight piece set includes the most common sizes
Andis® Chrome Combs Universal Comb Set uses powerful magnets instead of difficult springs. These plastic combs securely attach to the clipper blade without slipping. With a smooth chrome finish, hair feeds effortlessly through the comb for a faster, smoother cutting action. Easily fits all #10 clipper blades. The eight-piece set includes ⅝", ⅜", ½", ¾", 1/16", ⅞", and 1¼" combs.
8-Piece Set Includes:
1 (one) size 0 comb (⅝", 16mm)
1 (one) size 1 comb (½", 13mm)
1 (one) size 2 comb (⅜", 10mm)
1 (one) size A comb (¾", 19mm)
1 (one) size B comb (1/16", 21mm)
1 (one) size C comb (⅞", 22mm)
1 (one) size E comb (1", 25mm)
1 (one) size F comb (1¼", 32mm)

Made of plastic with smooth chrome finish

+ - Powerful Magnets™ No Springs

One year warranty

Made in China.

Works on all universal, detachable switch blades.
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