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Andis UltraEdge Cat Blade

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  • Andis® UltraEdge® Cat Blades are designed for grooming cats
  • Feline tooth configuration creates unique wave pattern and feeds hair better
  • Reduces track lines to give a smoother cut
  • EGT finish helps eliminate natural metal imperfections and corrosion
  • Made in USA
Andis® UltraEdge® Cat Blades are specifically designed for a cat's grooming needs. The feline tooth configuration creates a unique wave pattern feeding hair better and reducing track lines for a smoother cut. The blades have a specially formulated Electro Glide Technology (EGT) finish which helps eliminate the natural imperfections found in most blade metals and reduces corrosion. Available in a popular green finish for easy identification in blade storage. Made in USA.
#7FC: ⅛" – 3.2 mm
#10: 1/16" – 1.5mm

Fits Andis® clipper models AG, AG2, AGP, AGC, AGC2, AGR, AGR+, AGRC, AGRV, AGCL, BG, MBG, MBG2, and SMC
Fits Oster® clipper models 76, 111, and A-5.
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