Andis CeramicEdge Blades

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    • Andis® CeramicEdge® clipper blades runs up to 75% cooler than steel
    • Certified zirconium oxide ceramic
    • Stays sharper longer
    • Break resistant when changing blades
    Andis® CeramicEdge® Clipper Blades run up to 75% cooler than steel blades. Made with certified zirconium oxide ceramic, they are more durable and stay sharper longer allowing for a smooth, fast-cutting performance regardless of the length or density of hair. Andis® CeramicEdge® Blades fit most detachable-style clippers.
    #7FC: ⅛" – 3.2 mm
    #10: 1/16" – 1.5mm

    Fits Andis® clipper models AG, AGC, AGR, BG, BGC, BGR and MBG
    Fits Oster® clipper models 76, 111, and A-5.

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