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AlphaTRAK 2 Glucose Meter Control Solution

  • The AlphaTRAK Glucose Meter Control Solution is to be used with the AlphaTRAK Glucose Meter
  • Also for use with AlphaTRAK 2 Glucose Meter
  • Ensures that your system is working correctly
  • Helps verify that the blood glucose readings are accurate and reliable
  • Easy to use
AlphaTRAK™ Glucose Meter Control Solution is for use with the AlphaTRAK™ Glucose Meter and the AlphaTRAK™ 2 Glucose Meter. The control solution ensures that your system is working correctly, and it also helps verify that the blood glucose readings are accurate and reliable.
Formulated for dogs and cats. Not for human use.
Use control solution for up to 3 months after opening or until the expiration date, which comes first.
Do not dilute solution.
Do not freeze.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.
D-Glucose, Preservative, FD&C red dye, Viscosity-adjusting agent
Control solution tests should be performed:
a.) when you first buy the AlphaTRAK Glucose Control Meter.
b.) when you buy a new vial of AlphaTRAK Test Strips or.
c.) if you are questioning the results of the control meter.
d.) if you have forgotten to close the test strip vial.
e.) if you drop the meter.
f.) upon advice of a veterinarian.

Control test directions: To code the meter, insert an AlphaTRAK Test Strip butterfly end facing out. Calibrate the meter to match the dog or cat code on the test strip vial. Shake the control solution bottle. Discard a few drops of AlphaTRAK Control Solution first before applying to the bottom of the test strip that is inserted in the meter. The meter will beep when enough solution has been added. More solution can be added if needed within 60 seconds of first application. Compare the results to the range on the test strip vial. Removal of test strip automatically turns meter off.
For use on dogs and cats.

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