AlphaTRAK 2 Starter Kit

Starter Kit
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    • AlphaTRAK 2 Starter Kit gives fast and accurate results
    • Use at home or away from home and get results in seconds
    • Same blood glucose monitoring device that veterinarians use
    • Made specifically for dogs and cats
    • More convenient than always going to the vet
    AlphaTRAK™ 2 Starter Kit provides fast, accurate results at home or away from home with the same blood glucose monitoring device that veterinarians use. Home monitoring is less stressful for your pet and more convenient for you. This monitoring system only requires a tiny blood sample, and you get results in seconds. While many other blood glucose meters require 2-4 uL of blood, the AlphaTRAK 2 only requires 0.3 uL of blood. Designed specifically for dogs and cats. Using a human meter on a dog or cat may result in an inaccurate reading because the meter assumes human blood makeup. This kit includes the AlphaTRAK™ 2 Glucose Meter, 25 test strips, lancing device and 30 lancets, AlphaTRAK™ 2 control solution, two user's guides, carrying case, diabetes diary, and instructional DVD. Kit component replacements available.
    AlphaTRAK 2 requires only 0.3 uL of blood.
    Step 1: Gather all supplies needed to perform a test. This includes your AlphaTRAK meter, lancet, testing strips, petroleum jelly (to help blood form droplets), and gauze or a cotton ball.
    Step 2: Insert a new lancet into a lancing device, push until it comes to a complete stop and replace the clear cover. Adjust the lancing device depth by rotating the wheel: 1 is the shallowest, 4 is the deepest.
    Step 3: Turn the meter on by inserting a test strip with the butterfly on the test strip facing up and flying in to the meter. Confirm that the code on the meter matches the species code on the test strip vial.
    Step 4: Using the lancing device, draw a small amount of blood from the selected testing site.
    Step 5: With the meter, touch only one side of the test strip to the blood drop. You will hear a beep and see the lines moving on the meter display to indicate it is working.
    Step 6: Results appear in seconds. Record the glucose reading and discard the used test strip and lancet.

    Tip: Use the same site each time to ensure consistent results. If the testing site becomes irritated or you have a hard time collecting a sample, use an alternate site.
    For use with dogs and cats.

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