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All Milk Universal Instant Milk Replacer

All Star All Milk Universal Instant Milk Replacer

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All Milk Universal Instant Milk Replacer is a milk replacer for almost any animal! This high quality, multi-purpose milk replacer can be used for puppies, kittens, calves, piglets, foals and kids. With live, naturally-occurring microorganisms, it meets the protein and energy needs for strong animal development. Can also be used as a food supplement during convalescence, stress, aging or pregnancy/lactation. The easy-to-mix formula is very palatable and easily digested.
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Puppies/Kittens: Dissolve 1/2 c. powder in 2 c. water. Feed 2 Tbsp per 1/4 lb body weight daily, dividing into equal portions for multiple feedings.
As a food supplement: Dogs - 1 Tbsp per 5 lbs body weight, Cats - 1 tsp per 5 lbs body weight, Pregnancy/lactation - double dosage, feed until 2 weeks past birth.
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