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Adaptil Collar

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Medium, 25"
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  • Stays with your dog to help during prolonged stress like thunderstorms, boarding, traveling and more
  • Gives the dog a sense of security and reduces his stress
  • Good for new, unfamiliar and upsetting situations
  • Also proven to reduce destructive behaviors such as house soiling, barking/whining and more
Adaptil® Collar with D.A.P. mimics the familiar pheromones dogs use to communicate comfort and safety. When used, it gives your dog a sense of security and helps reduce stress. Adapting to a new environment or unfamiliar situations such as visitors, veterinarian visits, new homes can be potentially stressful for most dogs and puppies. Sometimes these fears and worries can develop into phobias or stress-related conditions. The Adaptil® Collar has been proven to reduce destructive behaviors such as house soiling, barking/whining, excessive licking and more, which are often signs of stress. The collar is the best treatment to use during prolonged stress such as thunderstorms, boarding and traveling as it stays with your dog and lasts up to four weeks. Combining the Adaptil® Collar with the Comfort Zone® D.A.P. Diffuser may provide optimal results for dogs showing multiple fears in different situations.
Medium/Large collar measures: 27.6" (70 cm) and fits necks up to 24.6" (62.5 cm)
Effective for up to 4 weeks
For use on dogs and puppies.
Canine appeasing pheromone analogue: 5%
Excipients q.s. 1 collar: 100%

Adaptil® Collar is designed only for dogs, is non-sedative and has no effect on people or other animals. The collar can be used with traditional medications.
Instructions for use: Place a finger in the plastic loop situated in the inside of the collar close to the buckle. Using this loop pull the thin plastic to uncoil the collar. Fasten the collar. Place over your dog's head to tie loosely around the neck. Tighten the collar to fit snugly with your dog’s skin. You should be able to place no more than two fingers between collar and dog’s skin. Ensure the collar is fixed inside the buckle. Cut off the excess portion of the collar
Adaptil® Collar will last up to 4 weeks. Replace collar as required. Unless you are shampooing the dog, the collar must remain on at all times. Duration of use must be determined by the nature/cause of the fear and according to the duration of combined behavior therapy.
Behavior and environmental modifications may be required and advice should be sought from your veterinarian
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