Adams Plus Pyrethrin Dip

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    • Adams™ Plus Pyrethrin Dip is effective against flea, tick and lice infestations
    • Kills and repels fleas, ticks, lice, gnats, mosquitoes and flies
    • A little goes a long way
    • For use on dogs and cats over 12 weeks of age
    Adams™ Plus Pyrethrin Dip effectively kills and repels fleas, ticks, lice, gnats, mosquitoes and flies. Ideal for parasite infestations. For use on dogs and cats over 12 weeks of age.
    For external use on dogs and cats only.
    Do not use on puppies or kittens less than 12 weeks old.

    Keep out of reach of children.

    Storage and Disposal:
    Store in a cool, dry area away from heat or open flame. Do not reuse or refill this container. Place in trash or offer for recycling if available. If partly filled, contact your local solid waste agency for disposal instructions. Never place unused product down any indoor or outdoor drain.
    Active ingredients: Pyrethrins** 0.97%, Piperonyl Butoxide 3.74%, N-octyl Bicycloheptene Dicarboximide* 5.70%, Di-n-propyl Isocinchomeronate 1.94%

    *butylcarbityl (6-propylpiperonyl) ether and related compounds.
    **Contains petroleum distillate.
    It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

    Important: Read entire label before each use.

    Directions for Use: Shake well before using.
    Do not use on puppies or kittens less than 12 weeks of age. Do not apply over cuts, wounds, or irritated skin. Do not apply near eyes and mouth.
    Apply sparingly around ears. Wash hands with soap and water promptly after use.
    Dogs and Cats: To kill fleas, ticks and lice, thoroughly mix one half-ounce (one tablespoon) of this product with one gallon of warm water. For outdoor animals in areas of severe infestations, 2 oz (4 tablespoons) per gallon may be used. Make fresh solution daily. If animal�s coat is very dirty, bathe first with shampoo. Dip should be applied to dry or damp (not wet) coat. When diluted 2 oz per gallon, do not apply more than ½ gallon per animal. When diluted 0.5 oz per gallon, do not apply more than two gallons per animal. Sponge or dip animal with diluted product making sure all areas are soaked to the skin. Let dip dry on animal. Do not rinse off. Repeat treatment every seven days if necessary.

    User should wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling and before eating, drinking, chewing gum, using tobacco, or using the toilet. User should remove clothing immediately if pesticides get inside. Then wash thoroughly and put on clean clothing. User should remove personal protective equipment immediately after handling this product. Wash the outside of gloves before removing. As soon as possible, wash thoroughly and change into clean clothing.

    Consult a veterinarian before using this product on debilitated, aged, medicated, pregnant or nursing animals. Sensitivities may occur after using any pesticide product for pets. If signs of sensitivity occur, bathe your pet with mild soap and rinse with large amounts of water. If signs continue, consult a veterinarian immediately.
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    Finally Relief:

    One of our female Rotties is VERY allergic to fleas. We bought your product to try, and was amazed to see her scratching less right away. We now dip her every month or so. BTW, her hair is growing back in from where she scratched and chewed.



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